Madonna Lily


 Madonna Lily can best be described as such.

                                                             A poem.

Tucked in the dark

Floors above, it sits

And there it waits for you

Bar soo sweet

Sounds fill the room with melodies of voices speaking, singing, drinking.

The clunking sound of spoons in a glass, mixing, stirring.

A mixture of sweet booze and herbs less toxic than the Madonna herself. This is Madonna Lily  



A beautiful speakeasy in the heart of Seoul Hongdae district. A friendly atmosphere of friends gathering to end the week. Dim lights, cool ambience, art, and a collection of the past; it brings life. Here you can choose your Lilly antidote of cocktails that will free you. It's beautiful, quirky, unique. It's art. A great space  for an intimate and relaxing conversation.


When the conversation gets deep there is a menu available for finger foods that will blow your mind. Served on wooden boards it's nothing short of artist and abstract. There are endless spaces to rest your body on art deco furniture in each room, and for a more contemplative aura, stools at the bar set the mood. It really is a place to be. Music of all genres will wake your senses, from the days of old school electronic with a tickle of house. And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, don't worry old school 90s R&B, old school Korean pop, folk and more will ease you into the night. 

There is a small place in my heart for Madonna Lily and there I will keep her safe for moments when I need to remember. Until next time 만나서 반갑습니다.