Master, my Love

Stillness from the time we met
I'm  smiling  from within
I could cry from this feeling of true ecstasy
The need to be near,
endless daydreams of what my
with hours of obsession
Small caresses, soft kisses, hours of endless conversations
So blind, I can barely move,
and who needs to?
Ah love, master, I am forever your slave.
Ask what you wish of me and I will obey
I am your servant and maid
I adore you, am fascinated by you, and long for you always
Those sweet caresses and gentle kisses
Your sweet warm breath, that rest upon my breast
Late night endless conversation that seem infinite and intense
Love, you devour me and spit me out
Like a masochist I return for more
You make the pit of my stomach ache
you steal my heart from me and hide in a box where I can't find it
you blind me soo much that your eyes become my only guide
you suffocate me into euphoria and ecstasy
I long to have you near always and when you  leave me
I pine and pine and pine and pine for your return
Why do you torture me so? Why do you hate me this much that you case me such pain?
Have I not done everything you ask?
have I not obsessed enough to secure your stay?
Have I not lost my mind to hysteria drunk of all that is you?
taste, touch, voice, smell, thrust.
I need to be free, to stay if I please,  but without you I can live no more
wrap me in your body and nourish me,
see me and remember that I am me, a free soul
addicted to you forever more.
Where have you hidden my heart?