Racing heart, I cannot speak
Unsure of what to think, how to feel, where to go from here.
I see you there, and nothing makes sense. 
Your beauty shines, your voice still sweet, your eyes still full of life.
My fear sets in
I realise this won’t be for long. This love, this life. Us the two.
Our journey has only just began
It pains me to know that soon, i’ll just be one
My love runs deep, I am you and you are me
I yearn to breath life, to take away this permeant state
 Undesired loneliness and grief 
Quiet peace I wished for you, but only so I may spend it with you
three months has passed, and I think of you
our chats, our memories, our time
well spent, though short
I am thankful to have loved at all. 
To have seen you, heard you, touched you, loved you
I wipe my tears as I promised I would 
and move on slowly as you said I should.
But everyday I think of you 
and my heart aches to be with you